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Are You Energy Vampire?

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Are You an Energy Vampire?
Be the Victory not the Victim

It's your business coach Steve Goranson with another business tip for you smarter business owners to create an automatic business that can work without you. Our goal is to help you work smarter not harder so you can live more life.

Today we're actually in for an interesting lesson. It's going to be more interesting for some than others because this one's going to be a challenge for some. Today I want to talk about the Power of the Point. This is the point where success and failure meet.

This point, is the point deep inside us. This is the point of our motivation, where our decisions to choose come from.

We are talking about people taking responsibility and accountability for their life and business, and taking ownership of the situation they find themselves in.

Most people aren’t really aware of the way most people operate. The point is pretty simple. We can either add to or drain this point. When our actions and decisions drain our energy and that of those around us, we are lying in bed while opportunities pass us by..

This bed is made up from our blaming, our excuses and denial. I'm sure you've met some people that live in this space a little bit of their time.

If you think about it, it's easy to blame other people for our circustances that our choices put us in, people will find anybody and everyone the blame. This could be the government to their competitors, to their mother in law to their kids, or their employees.

There's always someone to blame but very simply put if you just raise your hand and actually just do this for a second. Point at me. See here's an interesting thing about the point, see one finger is pointing at you, one up to a God of the universe and three fingers well they're straight back at you. So three fifths of everything in your life is up to you.

So make sure you go and make the changes. Blaming other people won't get you anywhere in life.
Now if you find that the team in your company, the staff in your company are doing this a lot. You got to look at how that came about. Why it came about?

I was taught very simply, that in leadership the fish stinks from the head down.
We've got to challenge the way we're thinking so we can challenge the way our people are thinking. Excuses, are just a fancy word his reasons.

We all learned to do this as a kid, I'm sure we all came up with an excuse or reason why we didn't do this or that. But the reality, life doesn't get any better if that's all we do.
And the third one that drains our point of power is denial. Denial is not a river in Egypt

I remember years ago talking with one of my first clients and this young entrepreneur had been in business for a couple of years. I asked him that after a couple of years you have not made one month of profit. And I then just simply asked him, question. I said, so do you know how long before you think you're going broke? He said no we're not going broke. We just haven't made a profit yet.

See, that's what you call it living in a state of denial. When you're aware of the situation, and you just don't face it. So these three things that drain our point of power, essentially don't get us anywhere.

We play the role of victim. It's the people that want to blame the world and come up with all of the reasons why nothing works for them. It's always someone else or something else's fault.

Now let’s take a look at the other side of the equation, those that actually succeed in life.
The victims drain their power and the power of others. Victors energize themselves and those around them. How do the Victors actually accomplish this?

Let’s take a look at the words ownership accountability and responsibility. Ownership it's your own ship. If you take accountability and responsibility, you're in charge of paddling wherever you want to go.

So let's take a look at them one at a time. Responsibility, you know you are able to choose your response to any situation to any scenario. You're able to choose how you respond to anything. It's not what happens, it's how you respond to it. So you are response able. Now very simply put, in business, we're responsible for the work we have to do. So getting the job done is what we're responsible for.

And now we take a step up to accountability. What is accountability? Notice the word count in there. We are accountability for results, We have responsibilities for the job and accountability is for the end result of the outcome that comes from it.

It's like, for instance, a manager will be responsible for doing certain work but they'll be accountable for their people doing certain work. These are the ways we need to take a look at it.

If you're both responsible and accountable, then you're on track to taking ownership of what happens in your life, and this is both good and bad. It's amazing the number of people who will take ownership for the good things but not the bad things. We got to make sure that we understand that the more we're above this point of success, the more success, we're going to have.

As you keep this stuff in mind,.. Obviously, the results of the business will get better by you and your team taking ownership.
Remember, you're the leader of the business. The buck stops with you.
So very simply put in summary, stay above the point. Ownership accountability and responsibility will get us results, blaming excuses and denial, put someone else in charge of your life, someone else's in charge you business,
We don't want reasons... we want results,
If you a struggle to get your team to take responsility, be accountable, and take ownership, schedule a free strategy session with me to unlock their potential
This is business coach Steve Goranson help you to work smarter not harder so you can enjoy more life.

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