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How to Get Focused, Recharged, & Get Unstuck

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How to Get Focused, Recharged, & Get Unstuck

Have you ever felt overwhelmed in your business? You know you've been working hard but don't feel that you are making enough progress. Or do you just have no time for yourself?

I think we've all been there at one point or another. It's frustrating, isn't it?

Here are some strategies to help you go from being overwhelmed and stressed to being focused on your most productive tasks so that you can execute them to move you to your next level of success fast.

Clearly, it's not unusual to feel overwhelmed in business. I see it all the time. Frankly, it's not sustainable, it leads to burn out and it's detrimental to your business.

It's easy to fall into this trap as we overcommit to a project or get a new customer or open up a new location. This has got to stop and end right now.

First, we must realize that it's normal to get over committed for a little while and feel a little overwhelmed. It's okay. That's actually exciting that's why it's so addicting. But when we see no end in sight, we begin to lose that feeling of excitement, and the feeling of being overwhelmed begins to take over. That feeling is not fun. You feel that you can't even move.

We quickly go from being energized to overwhelmed. That feeling when you know what you need to get done but you keep getting interrupted with employee or client issues. You just can't seem to get a moment to breathe, let alone try to find time to think and be strategic.

At best you're just being tactical, taking action, and putting out fires. This level of overwhelm is not sustainable and if you've been in that state for a little while, you know exactly what I'm talking about, or at least your family and employees do.

You're tired, you're irritable, you're not having fun. You dread getting up. You don't want to talk to the team, you're just in a state of, "oh I'd rather be someplace else."

I'm here to tell you that it's time to get the remote and hit pause for a minute.

Now that you've stopped the treadmill to nowhere, I want to share with you how to move forward.

First... Let's stop comparing ourselves from where we are now to where we think we should be. We tend to beat ourselves up saying how we're only this far when we should be at this stage already. This happens when we don't take a moment to look at how far we have come and how much we actually accomplished.

Take a look at the past year. Have you grown as a business owner? Have you grown personally? Have you grown professionally? What have you learned? Have your skills gotten better or have your leadership improved? Have you improved your ability to attract and retain better employees? Has your marketing improved? Are you better at sales or at leading your team?

Let's be honest with ourselves, you know the answer to that is probably yes.

If you take a moment to look back at the little milestones, the little things that you've grown through this past year, you're probably in a different place than you were last year.

But you still might find yourself saying.. “Yeah that's great but I should be here”.

Stop and listen to me right now. This is important. Stop shooting yourself, it's not healthy. It's not really helpful. In fact, it's actually hurting you, your business, and your team. It actually brings your mindset and your energy about your business down.

Let's try a different strategy. How about we look back with recognition and gratitude for everything you've done and who you've become over the last year.

This is probably one of the most important exercises I do with my clients every 90-days. We stop to look at what were our accomplishments, our disappointments, and our learnings are at for the past 90-days.

Just by writing it down where you can say, "Hey, I've grown this way this year. I've accomplished this and that. I've developed personally. I contribute to this person's personal development. I've spent more time with my family and contributed to my community."

If you just stop and look back, there are a ton of amazing things that you've done over the past year. At first, it's hard because it's easy to forget about it because we're so close to everything that we sometimes lose perspective.

So now, we want to make sure that as we're looking forward, we do this by writing down worthwhile goals. We are now taking action every day to move us towards these goals. This will make it easier to see what we are achieving or the obstacles that have gotten in the way that slowed us down, but we were able to overcome them.

We are not to beat ourselves up. We need a bit of patience and recognize we shouldn't compare ourselves to anybody else, let alone some future self.

We want to compare ourselves to who we were last week or last year. Are we growing as a person? Are we achieving personal bests each day, week, or month? Are you getting better every day? Are you becoming a better leader? Are we doing things to improve our own selves and the people around us on a daily basis? Are we executing our plan or taking the right actions? This is not a sprint. It's more like a marathon - showing patience, and just enjoying the journey.

You see, success is the journey towards the achievement of predetermined worthwhile goals. Enjoy what you're doing, have fun.

If you find that this resonates with you and you want to move beyond the feeling of being overwhelmed, schedule a free strategy session with me to re-energize you and your business and propel it forward.

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