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Great Results, Personable, Expert “ My involvement with Steve and Action Coach has had an incredible impact on my business and my life/future!  I highly recommend Steve if you want to grow your business, organize your life and get more focused on where you are going. It’s been said that your level of future success is based on the books you read and the people you meet.



Steve is someone that has made a huge difference in my future success!!!  Steve, I sincerely appreciate everything you do and teach me to be a better business owner! You are an excellent teacher and are exactly what I need to achieve my goals!! –Hank Duckworth Duckworth Construction Company   



“Steve is very knowledgable of what it takes to survive in business particularly in the area of marketing. He listens well and thinks out of the box to help grow your business. I would strongly recommend Steve to help grow your business.   –Jeff Clarkson, President Florida Bonded Pools



Great Results, Expert, High Integrity – Steve has been great at getting me focused working on my business instead of constantly in my business and the results have been great. I am getting more accomplished in less time while providing better service to my clients. I would highly recommend Steve to any business owner looking to increase the efficiency and ultimately the bottom line of their business. Thank you Steve.”  –Joel C. Chamberlain, CPA 


I have found Steve to be very professional and committed to his work as a Business Coach. Backed by the resources of Action Coach, he has enabled me to look at areas of my business with an increased focus toward achieving my goals. I would recommend Steve to anyone who is seeking a creative and detailed road map to keep you on track toward achieving your business goals.  –Bill Lombardo, Golf USA of Johns Creek & Fleming Island FL


“I have met with Steve on numerous occasions; either through networking or listening to him as a coach. Steve always has great words of wisdom and motivation for anyone he meets. He is very competent in his field and goes the extra mile by nature. I highly recommend using the services and expertise of Steve.”  –Colleen Walker, Number Control Services  


Great Results, Personable, High Integrity Steve sees the forest without missing a tree. He shows a business owner where to go and guides them there through small steps. He has helped me become more productive by using systems and practices based upon his extensive business knowledge and experience.I am grateful for his assistance.  –Jim Molis, Creatwood Communication  


Great Results, Personable, Expert “ My involvement with Steve and Action Coach has had an incredible impact on my business and my life/future!  I highly recommend Steve if you want to grow your business, organize your life and get more focused on where you are going. It’s been said that your level of future success is based on the books you read and the people you meet. Steve is someone that has made a huge difference in my future success!!!  –Hank Duckworth Duckworth Construction Company


Great Results, Expert, Creative As a business coach, Steve Goranson has been a tremendous asset to my business and has provided for me the assistance and knowledge base necessary to grow my business and to work “on” and not simply “in” my business. I have successfully transformed from a worker to a CEO and continue to cast vision and insight for future growth and business development. I highly recommend Steve because of his expertise and passion for small business owners.”  –Dee Thomas-Lockley, Thomas Transcriptions  


Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. Steve has facilitated growth personally & professionally for me via coaching through ActionCOACH. The techniques and approach of ActionCOACH are tried and true; all we have to do as clients is to implement and take action. I am grateful for meeting Steve through the SBRN and to have taken advantage of his expertise in ProfitCLUB and GrowthCLUB. Thanks, Steve!  –Amy Snider, General Insurance Concepts


Great Results, Expert, High Integrity   Steve is an excellent business coach who understands what it is that I need to do to build my business and knows how to encourage me to do those things. Steve is very knowledgeable and continues to build his knowledge about business and techniques to motivate his clients and help them solve the issues they have with their business. Steve not only teaches techniques to build a business but as a client, I see Steve doing the same things in his business that he is suggesting that I do in mine, thus he understands what he is asking me to do and the challenges that I will face when I follow his advice. Steve’s guidance has been spot on, helping me overcome many issues that I initially had in my business and helped me expose other challenges both in business development and in customer service that have presented themselves as my business began to reach new levels.”  –Marv Conn,


Expert, Good Value, On Time “Steve consistently challenges us to expand our vision of our business options and to refine our approaches. He is extremely knowledgeable in the many challenges facing businesses today and is always ready to help refine the issue and the opportunity for maximum potential. I highly recommend Steve for his skills and commitment to help his client achieve their business and personal goals.”  –Lori Wishard, Media Rapids, Inc


Steve is a great asset to our company. He is always available to listen to your ideas and to give you a fresh and unbiased assessment of what needs to be done in your business. He will help you map out techniques for growth and development with realistic strategies for success.”  –John Taylor, Nova Data Testing 


Expert, High Integrity, Personable “Steve has helped me and others improve the profitability of our business. Steve’s combination of real-world experience, professional training, and continuous education make him an expert. His personality and technique allow him to reach clients, and his dedication yields results – and that’s the bottom line.   –Mark Goldwich,  Gold Star Adjusters 


“Great Source  For Fresh Ideas:  When you have been immersed in your day-to-day activities for so many years, you might be oblivious to the simple solutions for some of your everyday problems. Steve is great at pointing out that which should be obvious but isn’t.  –Bill Behrens, Behrens Audio Video 


“Steve is a guy who not only knows what a successful business looks like, he knows how to apply proven techniques to make it happen in your business and keep you motivated along the way. I think that is more important than simply understanding the textbook definition of success- you have to know how to get there too. Steve will help you do that and make it an enjoyable and exciting adventure to boot.”  –Nick Edwards, Investment Management Group 


I found your GrowthCLUB 90 Day Planning day to be extremely valuable in helping me organize my directions and business vision while identifying core actions for reaching the vision.  Your workshop helped me clarify the actions needed and their priorities to maximize my time & effort.”  –Lori Wishard, Media Rapids, Inc


My business has really taken off since I attended my 1st GrowthCLUB planning day, and I attribute this to what I have learned during your workshops.  Because I now know about the 6 Steps to Massive Results, I am better able to visualize how I want AMP to grow and have begun to build a firm foundation and an executable plan.  Setting aside the time to review my plan and returning to the GrowthCLUB on a regular basis in order to stay on track has given my company direction and purpose.  Since joining the GrowthCLUB, my sales have increased 100% and I have moved into a larger space.  With your continued guidance, I feel confident in AMP’s ability to achieve and exceed our goals.  –P. Heisler, AMP Promotional Products


 “Thank you for your work with our firm.  Steve, you have been very helpful in assisting us in our efforts to grow in size and excellence.  Through our coaching sessions, we have developed action plans that have helped us to focus our energies on higher impact work rather than being trapped by the tyranny of the urgent”  –A. Membrino, CFO –  Membrino Investments


 “I’ve discovered that there is a way to separate my home & my business lives.  Before your help chaos was the norm.  While there are still hurdles to address, I am more motivated and willing than ever to face the challenges head-on.  I realize that there is a ‘method to the madness’ and a solution to the chaos.”  –M. Juskowski Oyster Co-op

Steve is a wealth of real-world information, which he draws on from both his vast personal experiences in business and as a coach for a top international business coaching firm. In a short time, I have made noteworthy improvements in how I conduct my business.”   –Mark Goldwich,  Gold Star Adjusters


“I wanted to write to you and thank you for your assistance in coaching us with our recent staffing needs.  We implemented and followed the ActionCOACH team recruitment system and it was excellent.  Your recruiting system not only taught us about implementing systems for our business but also helped save us time and energy.  –Joel C. Chamberlain, CPA


“Since starting our coaching program we now have a better handle on our finances. We are also more productive with billing and receivables and more active in handling those receivables if they are late. I like the process of moving each aspect of the business along without focusing too much on one thing. I like the discipline required, as a one-owner company can lose perspective once in a while. Coaching has helped me to be more open to communicating with members of my team and that has been reflected in the attitudes of everyone. We have put lots of effort into hiring and I was able to pick a great candidate for a full-time position. That is a big deal because we now have a system for hiring. If we can put that same effort to increased sales for 2008 then the goals set for the next three years could easily be increased. So with all this, I realized why the name “action” coach. Everything we have done or will do requires action. The process is best described with action verbs like selling, hiring, training, communicating, calling, developing, writing, planning…well, you get the idea. So that is why I enjoy the coaching process.”  –John Taylor, Nova Data Testing


Steve, your directions have been an eye-opening experience to one whose company has been in business for 20 years.  It was a fresh look at things I had gotten use to and just complacent in doing.  Your course of action helped me in getting “back on track” in my thinking and in becoming more profitable, which in turn allows more profits and freedom to myself.  –Chuck Sams, Owner, American Window Fashions.


I’ve attended several “similar seminar” sessions through SBA.  However, your 2 hours session was the best and communicated in practical language, understandable to all business types.  –N. K. Lester, The Place @ 8th & Main


Thank you again for giving your presentation to the Growth Business Advisory Council. They were quite positive about your remarks and felt they were most helpful. I especially appreciated the elements about time management and also the diagram emphasizing the importance of the business owner focusing on team building, which then serves the customers, ultimately building the business and benefitting the owner…I think often, women business owners are of the mistaken belief it should be the other way around…very enlightening!  – L. Nottingham, Chair, Score Jacksonville


Through ProfitCLUB you have focused on key areas of my business; sales, marketing, team building, communications, advertising, referral strategies, finances, and time management. Through the education I’m receiving through ProfitCLUB, I developed a sales promotion for the month of December and increased my year-end sales by more than 300%.  C. Vandiver, Mini Massage



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