Making Sales Simple

Are you or your salespeople selling on price instead of value?
Are you losing sales to your competitors?
Do they have a systematized sales methodology or do they just wing it?


Have teamed up to offer the Principle Selling Series based on the best selling book, The Single Sales Principle, written by Lammore founder Mark Blackmore, the Single Selling Series is award-winning and endorsed by the Institute of Sales Management.

In just 3 short months you and your sales team can have a custom sales methodology and playbook to start winning more sales by having a systematic  approach to identifying your clients’ compelling needs and matching them to your company’s credible solutions and at the same time developing value for your product or service in the minds of your customers.

The Principle Selling Series Consists of 3 Programs…

  1. Creating a Winning Proposition
  2. The 5 Steps to an Effective Sales
  3. Closing the Sales