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Are You Wearing Too Many Hats in Your Business?

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Are You Wearing Too Many Hats in Your Business?

A question I get asked a lot as a small business owner is whether I wear so many hats I don't have time to get things done. This feeling is common for most small business owners.

Here are 6 keys to help you gain focus to make sure you and your business are getting the most important tasks done.

First, you need to step back and get a birds-eye view of your business - an objective look away from the day-to-day.

1. Determine out of all the things you do, what do you do that brings the most value to your business. Your goal should be to eventually take everything off your plate and focus on just those areas.

2. Break your business down into 4 functions: Marketing, Sales, Operation, Financial. For each function, determine the 5 roles or outcomes that each function delivers.

3. Next, look at who currently owns that function. If you have employees that own that function, are they clear on what that means? You need to create how-to SOPs and a checklist for each of these functions. Spell out very specifically what is expected of that role.

5. Determine what functions and roles you really do not like doing or are not good at doing. Begin to systemize the first and then delegate to someone on your team, hire a new person and train on your newly developed system, or outsource. Bookkeeping for example.

6. Now out of all your functions, schedule out in blocks of time (appt w/yourself) when to work on it. Some of these might have to be after hours at first. These are the ones we delegate first to get your life back.

If any of this rings true to you and want to learn more, just reach out and schedule a free strategy session and discover the power of coaching.

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