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Attract the Best People to Your Business

If you want to build a business that works without you, well you can’t.  You probably weren’t expecting me to say that.  This will take a shift in mindset.  You don’t build your business your team does.

Now you’re probably thinking, yeah right, I can’t get them to show up on time.  Do you really expect them to grow my business?  The answer is well yes and no.

To have a great business you’ll need to hire great people.  I know you’re thinking, hey, I can’t find people to even show up to the interview.  This is going to take another mind shift because most businesses do recruitment all wrong.

Recruitment is not about hiring great people; it’s about attracting great people.  Now if you looked at your business from an outside perspective, would the best in your industry want to work for you?  An interesting question isn’t it?

Recruitment is not about hiring it’s about marketing.  You need to create a business that would attract the superstars in your industry, the super achievers. In order to attract great people, you have to know where you're taking your business. You've got to enroll and inspire people in that vision.  Now stop and think how clear is your vision? 

If you are going to be able to attract & hire great people, you needed a vision that would enroll and inspire his people. I want you to stop and think, what would your business look like to be able to attract great people? 

Do you have a culture that someone would want to be part of?  What would it look like?  Do you have systems, procedures, and technology that will allow these super-achievers to perform at the highest level?  Or does your workplace handicap them so they are not able to perform at their best?

Stephen Covey writes that we have to “start with the end in mind”. Take some time and dream a little. Think big, carry around a notebook with you; make notes of what you would like your business to become. Get some pictures in your head of what your business looks like. Hear what your business sounds like. Feel the air when you walk into your business.  Ideally, what is it that you want? What do you want out of life? What do you want your business to provide for your life?

Remember that your vision must enroll and inspire people. It's not only going to enroll and inspire your team, but it's also going to enroll and inspire your vendors, and your customers.

If this resonates with you but maybe you don’t know where to start schedule a free strategy session with me to help you begin to get clarity of your vision.

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