Your Number One Priority

Do you and your leadership team find that you're overly busy putting out fires and gently running around and not getting to any of the strategic things that you really want to be working on?

In most cases, this is because we have not set clear priorities for our organization. Let me tell you, if everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. You might be just going too wide and not deep enough into the issues to gain momentum.

In this business tip, I'm going to guide you to understand how to set and execute your most important priorities.

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Over my many years of coaching, I found that there are lots of businesses that are not exactly clear on where they're going with their organization or with their businesses. They don't know what they are creating or are even aware if they are creating something.

If you're not clear on your destination, your vision, or the purpose of your company, how do you know if you get "there"?

How do you expect your team and your employees to follow you?

Are you a master of your destination?


Everyone knows that creating a plan is going to help you become more efficient and more effective.

If we know that having a plan is going to help us be more effective then why do most small business owners not have a plan?

Have you written down your success story already?

Find out more in this business tip!


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