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"Those who fail to learn from their past are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past."

When the year 2020 came, like most of us, I looked at it with optimism as a year, so to speak, to have 20/20 eye sight. I thought I'd be able to achieve more in the future. But then what happened? Life threw us a curveball. Almost instantaneously, the world economy shut down.

When we look back, we know that some businesses did not survive while others really flourished. We all retreated into our homes for our safety. A lot of us missed the connections we had both personally and professionally but that did not stop the entrepreneurial spirit. We pivoted and changed how we did business and how we solved our clients and new problems, and how we connected with each other. The Zoom meeting became a household word for business meetings, really, even kids' classrooms and family events.

One thought that I heard from another coach Barrel Solomon that shed a light on what really drove a lot of this innovation is the importance of developing and staying connected to our community in our network, our professional meetings, business trainings, and our religious and family events. It is our desire to connect that makes us succeed.

Over the years, I've seen that there are communities that unfortunately did not want to help each other become successful. They would actually tear each other down. On the bright side, there are also communities that would just stick together and is really happy for each other's success.

I believe that in order for a person to be successful, you need a community of people around you that are cheering you on, encouraging you, financing you, giving you business, and trying to see you succeed. In order to become great, you need to have a community of like-minded business people around you. A community that when somebody starts out in their business or maybe is even struggling in the past, people will give him or her their business in order to help them get started or just keep them going. Even if their prices aren't the best or if you know their quality isn't the best yet, but because we want the community to succeed, we support them.

The dry cleaning industry was hit very hard during Covid. People weren't going out much. They weren't wearing much suits and dresses so there was less or almost nothing to dry clean. I know of a dry cleaner who, over the years, had created loyalty a community within their client base. Their clients would actually go out of their way to try to find clothing to dry clean just to help the struggling business survive.

That's what I'm talking about. My tip is to use to get around great people that want to see you win or wants to help you win. That's the purpose of me starting this Smarter Business Owners Group on Facebook. I like to call it my tribe of inspiring entrepreneurs that are looking to become more by learning more and connecting with other like-minded business owners.

If you're a member of our tribe right now, I want to thank you because it would not be a tribe without you and your participation. Right now, I'm asking you to go out and invite other inspiring and successful entrepreneurs to join our tribe because all of us, is greater than just one of us.

If you're not a member of our Smarter Business Owners Community, I invite you to join our tribe
and become part of our community where you'll learn to work smarter and not harder and where you can even share your expertise and your experience with others as well to help them succeed. Come and participate in our community and let's help each other succeed.

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