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Are Your Employees Keeping Up With Your Growth?

There is one challenge that I see that keeps popping up for organizations that hold them and their teams back from achieving more.

Are your employees having a hard time keeping up with how rapidly your business is growing?

If your team is struggling to handle the capacity of work that comes from scaling your business, I'm going to suggest to you a few strategies to help them to keep pace with your organizational growth.

If you've noticed that projects seem to be falling through the cracks, the more work that your business has, this is a great thing for your business but not so good with the things that are falling through the cracks, right?

I suggest to don't be too hard on your employees because maybe it might just be very hard and difficult to adjust to the growth of the heavier capacity of the work that they now have. Instead of cracking down on them, you need to focus on being heavy on accountability.

If your employees are missing deadlines or aren't completing their expected tasks, first of all, you need to make sure you'd let them know and remind them of your expectations of them by keeping or going back to the positional contract that you both agreed on.

If you haven't created positional contracts, you should.

They specifically define what your expectations are for this particular position. Most importantly, this will guide you on how you're going to evaluate whether they are doing a good job or not.

Guide them on how to manage their time possibly through tools like doing a time study for them or having them create a default diary so that the high-priority tasks are being completed at a reasonable time. Possibly, just get them to move away from that traditional to-do list and focus on what needs to be accomplished that day.

Create a “to be accomplished” list instead of a to-do list. You should also implement a management system that allows you to keep them accountable and stay on top of their projects.

For example, you could just basically use a company calendar or a project management system or just a simple project tracker that allows you to track the progress of where everyone's at on the key responsibilities that they have.

And lastly, this is really probably the most important, get them some training. One of the best ways to increase employee retention is education.

If you have an opportunity to get them into some leadership or executive coaching and training, make sure you take advantage of that. Organizations are most effective when teams are accountable for organizational success and that they are performing to the best of their abilities. Team coaching ensures that this happens.

If you'd like more information on how to maximize your team's productivity, let's schedule a free strategy session and discuss the needs of your business and how you'd really like your team to improve.

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