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5 Strategies to Improve Recruitment

One challenge I hear a lot from business owners is around struggling to get people right now and that makes total a lot of sense.

With everything that has happened, recruitment is now harder than usual. We now have more people starting their own businesses. You have people still on government subsidies. You got people who've changed jobs.

And so we got a bunch of business owners out there hunting for new people.

Here are 5 strategies that I've found over the years that have helped especially when you're in times where there's high employment. It is an employee market.

Recruiting is NOT going to get any easier. But these 5 strategies will help you to navigate this new employee recruitment landscape.

The first thing you have to consider is that hiring people is no longer just about running an ad. It's really about a full marketing blitz. You have to consider all sorts of things: referrals, where you're placing the ad, how you can get the ad shared on social media, how all of your staff or team can share the ad on their social media, or how to get them from the advertisement to an interview.

The challenge is a very complex one in this day and age because you've got COVID. I highly suggest running the interviews both virtual and live.

Maybe look at having a page on your website to send them to from your social media ad. On that page, create a video talking about the position and give them a calendar link to schedule a preliminary virtual interview.

Start building a relationship with your candidate. I had one client that after they scheduled the interview, they sent a link for another page with another video talking about why their company is a great place to work and what to expect at the interview.

The second thing is that there is a lot of demand. How are you going to get that person excited about your job over someone else's job? You need to be sure that a big part of what you're doing is using marketing automation to get them to the interview. We need to text, email, and then use the phone, to get them through that interview.

During the interview, you got to sell them your company. Why would the best in your industry want to work for you? Remember, Recruitment is Marketing.

These days, getting an employee involves you having to sell them on the concept of why they should come to work for your company.

When you begin the interview, you need to talk about the vision of the company, the history of the company, the mission of the company, and the like. Sell them on wanting to work for your company - not just wanting to have a job but wanting to work with you.

That's a very important part of getting good people at this point in time.

The third thing that we need to think about is that you're probably going to have to accept some people you normally wouldn't and do extra training. That's just a reality in a high-demand employment market.

You are going to have to do more training. You have to bring on people that you wouldn't have, managed them more, and do more training,

The fourth strategy to think about is how can you improve your systems. That means that the people that you already have can do twice as much.

Think about hiring a senior person and a junior person to go with them so that the senior person can do all that high-level work but the junior person does the basic stuff.

Can you create better systems? Use new technology or buy some software to help you be more efficient. That means that one person can do two people's jobs or a person and a half. A lot of productivity increases are things that you should be looking for right now.

The fifth and final strategy isn't going to get easier. Start getting far more proactive in your recruitment. It's not going to get easier to recruit people.

When I say get proactive, I mean join groups on LinkedIn or on Facebook. Start building the profile of your company in your industry so that when you do need to hire, you've got people who already know about you and want to work for your company. Build your reputation out there in the marketplace.

We all know it's getting tougher to get good people, but these are strategies might just help you.

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