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6 Keys to Manage Change in the Workplace

You know, there's a saying that the only thing certain in life is death and taxes, and I'd like to add actually one thing to that and that's… change.

The one lesson that we learned from dealing with the Covid pandemic is that change happens and how to really deal with it. Those that embrace change were able to adapt and continue to move forward and grow.

You see when your business grows and as the business owner, you need to grow as well.

When your business grows, your team is going to start feeling growing pains that are going to come about through changes that are taking place in the business.

Implementing changes in your business, whether big or small can be tough. It's never easy. And if your employees are not on board with the process, that's when it's going to be even more challenging.

To help my clients and their team manage these changes, we conduct a team alignment workshop. Its main purpose is to really align the team to your company culture and vision and help manage the change that's taking place.

Here is some advice to really help your team embrace change. These are six key strategies that can help your employees accept changes in the workplace and actually grow themselves.

1. Shared Vision in the Workplace.

You need to begin by aligning all of your team with your new vision. You need to tell your employees why this change is important to the business. And most importantly, because people tend to fear the unknown, if your employees don't know the reason why things are changing, they may feel insecure in their jobs and really become stressed about their future.

And we know, when we're stressed, we don't perform up to our potential. By explaining why these changes are taking place, you have an opportunity to rally your troops around a common cause. We need to make sure that they know what's in it for them, right?

Explain how the change will impact and or really benefit them. So even if the changes don't impact or benefit your employees directly, you are showing them respect by informing them what's happening and what's going on in the workplace.

So, if the changes will negatively impact our employees, they are also going to appreciate the transparency that you have with them.

2. Keep Information and Feedback Flowing.

Clearly communicate changes in advanced employees. Continue to provide updates throughout the transition and offer various opportunities for feedback. Be sure that you're the primary source for this information and not the rumor mill because we know what happens when rumors start in the workplace.

3. Be Receptive and Demonstrate Some Empathy.

Acknowledge employees' comments and show that you understand their perspectives. Be open to their ideas. They may suggest something that can actually make the change in the situation smoother.

4. Get Employees Involved in the Change from Planning to Support.

Having employees participate in this process is going to help create a sense of ownership. Most importantly, mutual respect. Employees who see their peers respectfully are part of the change process. They will also be more open to the changes that are taking place.

5. Provide Training and Support.

Your employees really need time to adapt to the changes and provide access to help when they need it. The most important thing to remember here is that everyone learns at a different pace and actually has different learning styles. Be sure that you communicate these changes both visually and verbally as well.

6. Set Goals and Reward Success.

As part of the change process, consider celebrating the milestones achieved along the change process. This will help people feel that they're moving towards a destination and really make them feel good about the change.

Getting your employees on board as early as possible will really help ensure a successful transition. And as I said before, it's our Strategic Alignment Workshop that can quickly align your team to your vision and get their feedback as well.

Provide them with training to help them implement these changes and create this change process in your business so it would work smoothly and so everyone grows together.

If you'd like to learn a little bit more about change management in your business, schedule a free strategy session with me to discuss how change management can take place in your business successfully.

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