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3 Tips to Become a Market Leader in Your Industry

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3 Tips to Become a Market Leader in Your Industry

Hey Business Coach Steve Goranson here with another business tip to help you to work smarter and not harder so you can live more life.  Today I would like to discuss 3 tips to help you become a market expert in your industry.

In today’s tough competitive marketplace there are a lot of businesses seeking out business help to change the perception of their business of being a commodity to a business that is unique and provides something of value to the marketplace. 

One way of standing out and providing value to your industry and your local market is by positioning yourself as the local market expert.  You are the one everyone goes to for information on your industry.

Here are 3 tips to help turn you into the market expert.

  • Tell your Story – We all have a story to tell.  What’s your story?  Why did your choose the industry you are in?  What challenges did you face while creating your business?  How does your story (your past experience) help you to be a problem solver for your clients?  Using stories to help clients relate to your vision & mission of being in business will help you to begin to create trust with your prospects and your market at large.
  • Create a personal identity brand – What do you stand for?  If you stand for something that means that you must stand against something.  What is it that makes books and movies interesting to read and watch?  Conflict! 

    Without conflict, we say that book was boring and predictable.  There was nothing to hold your attention.  The same is true for your own personal brand. 

    By standing for something or against something in your industry or marketplace will make you an interesting person for people to follow or write about.  In other words, be an advocate for your clients and prospects.  Be the person that is really looking out for their best interests and don’t be afraid to ruffle some feathers.
  • Brand your process – In creating your USP (unique selling proposition) you need to not only differentiate yourself from your competition, but you need to be able to communicate in a way that your prospects and clients understand how it will help them. 

    Identify the steps in how you serve your clients, then explain each step and develop a “brand name” for the process.  Try to develop your own proprietary phraseology to explain your process. 

    As an ActionCOACH, I coach business owners to increase profits and cash flow, work less hours, and develop their team to they get their business working so they don’t have to.  We coach you to create a commercial profitable enterprise that works without you.  For some business owners that might be hard to believe. 

    To help them understand the process we have developed ActionCOACH’s “6 Steps to a More Profitable Business”.  Breaking our coaching process down in to six-steps makes it easier to understand and believe how it works.

 Becoming the market expert won’t happen overnight.  You need to think thru your story, your personal identity and your process and develop your plan to introduce that into the marketplace.  Remember, nothing happens until you take action!

I business coach Steve Goranson and that's the tip for today to help you work smarter and not harder.  These strategies lead to... real people, achieving real results.

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