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If I were to ask you what's the top three things that pop in your head when I say the word "salesperson", what would you tell me?

The most common response I hear is pushy, used car salesperson, annoying, and dishonest, and this is probably due to the media's portrayal of a salesperson. It is that "cigar crunchy crusty old 1970s used car salesperson that's going to sell you a lemon." This is what people think of about negative things in sales. In essence, this is the mindset most people have when it comes to sales.

If we have a negative mindset when it comes to sales, we're not going to be doing as well as we could. We might not be prospecting as much. We might be nervous about approaching people to see if we can help them. We might even have a hard time closing the sale because we don't want to come across as too pushy, right?

A lot of people think of sales as getting them to buy something that they don't want. When they go to buy something, they have to put up their guard and put up their shield to make sure that they are not sold something that they don't really want.

To lower our prospects guard, we need to begin with how we think of sales and sales people. We need to change what a salesperson is in our mindset.

My definition of a salesperson is professionally helping people to buy what they need. No one wants to be sold, but everyone loves to buy. If you're in business, you are in sales. If we want to do well in sales, we need to have a healthy sales mindset. So we're now professionally helping a person to solve a problem. How cool is that? We're helping them achieve their goal.

Sales is all about service in my eyes. It's about helping someone solve a problem. It's about helping them to achieve what they want to achieve. If we're doing this, we really don't need tactics. It's about showing up and letting them see that we're really there to help them.

If you truly believe in your product and your service and you are a resource that can really potentially help that customer out, then they start to lower their guard. How do we find out if we can really help them? It's just a discussion to determine fit. Our prospect has these compelling needs and we need to find out if our credible solution has value in the mind of that prospect.

Sales is all about professionally helping someone to solve a problem or fulfill a need or really just achieving a goal. If we take this attitude as a sales professional, you're there to help them solve problems. You're there to help somebody achieve something. When they see that you're there to really help them, that person is really going to see that you're coming across with that positive energy and you're there to help them. Your prospect is going to appreciate that and know that you're there for them. You will now have a much higher chance of being able to work with that individual or company.

To succeed in sales, it starts with your mindset. We have to be positive and realize that we are their resource and that we are there to help. Remember the old adage, you are what you think about most. Begin thinking that we are professional salespeople to help someone solve a problem and then the sale just happens.

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