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Work Smarter not Harder

3 Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign

The tip I'm going to be talking about today is how for us to get better results from our marketing. It's very simple and it can be applied to all of our marketing channels. The problem is sometimes we don't take the time to implement it.

Someone once told me that to be successful you have to slow down to speed up. This is definitely true when it comes to our advertising and marketing.

In my opinion, a lot of marketing and advertising for small and medium-sized businesses aren't successful because businesses don't take the time to focus and give the appropriate amount of time to the three main elements of a successful marketing campaign. Even if we do focus on these three elements, we tend to spend too much time on the least important aspect.

Here are the three elements in order of importance:

1. Target

2. Offer

3. Copy

Too many times marketers will devote too much time to writing the copy and spend too little time determining who the copy is supposed to be talking to. If the offer is really resonating with our audience, with that target is it something that they really want?

In reality, we should be spending about 60% of our time determining who our target audience is and where we can find them. Then 30% of our time should be in determining what our target wants, what we need to offer them, and why they would want to buy our offer in the first place.

Finally, the last 10% of our time should be in determining how you're going to communicate your offer to your target and then how you want them to respond. It's not that this third component is the least important, but if we do the other two areas correctly, this part of the message is just going to be able to flow and really can resonate with who our target audience is.

That's why it's important for us to find small niche marketing segments that we can really help. Once we do and finally determine the correct offer to help them, we can now focus on what is it that they want or how can we help to solve their problems.

What we're saying is it isn't that important as long as it resonates with their needs. By taking the appropriate time in each of these three areas of Target, Offer, and Copy, we're going to speed up the success of our marketing campaigns and our business.

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