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Are You A Super Achiever?

Are you a super-achiever or just average? The difference between them is a fine line that some of us find hard to cross over on our own. Darren Hardy says that there are 10 x-factors super-achievers have that make the difference:

1. Relentless Drive - Never satisfied. Urban Meyer sums it up with his +2 attitude.

2. Supersize thinking - Don't think small. Set goals so big you have to force yourself to grow into them

3. They find their Massive Leverage. They know that their superpower is the one thing of value that they bring that no one else can and that will leverage their success by making them stand out

4. They have MANIACAL FOCUS. They know how to say no to things that will distract them from their mission.

5. Unrelenting Resilience - They "F" up a lot. They fail up. They know that each failure is an opportunity to learn, grow and get closer to their goal.

6. They have an Obsessive and Constant Pursuit of Better- The Japanese have a concept for this called Kaizen. Always look at improving. If we can improve just 1% over yesterday, imagine how much better we would be after a year.

7. Steadfast Consistency - What's the definition of try?- I will do it until it is too hard. It's that consistent effort day in and day out especially when it feels hard and you don't want to do it. Consistency always wins and makes you stand out.

8. A Power Tribe - Who are your go-to people for inspiration, truth, and accountability?

9 Consummate Learning. Jim Rohn sums it up best when he said that you got to learn to earn. Life is about going up the down escalator. If we stop, we stop learning. We are not in the same place because the world is passing you by. Be constantly learning to be more, so you can do more of the right things, to have the life you want.

10. Finally, have Un-shakable Resolve. Too many people hope to be successful, they wish to be better, Resolve is turning your wants, your could's and should's into Have to's and Must do's. I will do it or else.

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